I got spam email from your domain. Can you please stop it happening?

In most cases any email purporting to come from someone @amworks.org or arhelgerministries.org is simply faked. It is trivial to set the "From" address in your email to anything you want. For many years spammer have used bogus accounts at hotmail.com and yahoo.com, but they've caught onto the fact that a lot of their spam is not getting through because it is easy to spot.

So, they have started using (or making up) addresses from reputable domains, like amworks.org - it's simple: all they do is set their "From" address to be any-made-up-name@amworks.org. This stops it getting caught by many of the spam filters that exist.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do about this, because we have no control over these spammers or what they choose to put in their "From" address in order to trick people. The best advice we can give is to create some filters in your mail program to block this mail (e.g. add it to your blocked senders list) or to get some spam filtering software.

Let's be clear on this: at Arhelger Ministries we do not like spam and we do not tolerate it. But remember, we can only act when the problem is under our control.