Jerry Arhelger - Fact Sheet


Jerry has performed or spoke since 1970 at chapels, seminars, retreats, commander calls or work area's for the Military such as;

Cannon AFB(Clovis, N.M.)  Tyndall AFB(Fl.) Mildenhall AFB(England)
Eglin AFB(fl.)    Maxwell AFB(Al.)  Lakenheath AFB(England)
Wright Patterson AFB(Ohio)  Columbus AFB(Ms.)
Bentwaters AFB(England)  Upper Heyford AFB(England)

Music & Radio

Jerry has written over 200 songs.  He is a SESAC writer with a Publishing Company called "Arhelger Music".

His songs have aired on the largest stations in the world such as;

Luxembourg (3 million watts that covers all of Europe and the Middle East)
Trans World Radio ( Largest Gospel station in the world.  1 and 3/4 million watts from Monte Carlo, Monaco.)
WSM Nashville, Tn.   
WWL New Orleans, La.(National Road Gang for truckers)
American Armed Forces Radio(Brussels, Belgium) 
British Armed Forces (London)

UCB United Christian Broadcasters (Europe)


Jerry has appeared on the cover of 3 major international magazines. They are;

1981 New Music Magazine 
1983 NCM Magazine
1987 International Country Music News

He has had articles done about him, his music and his ministry in many national and international magazines such as;

Singing News   Country Music People  Gospel Music News
People Magazine  Texas Proud   Straight (European)
Christian Booksellers  New Music Magazine  The Cleft(Northern Ireland)
Ulster News(N. Ireland)  International Country  Buzz(European)
Contempary Christian  NCM Magazine   I-40 Country News
Direction(European)  Country Music Weekly  Overdrive
Road King

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