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Jerry Arhelger (AR-Hel-Ger)

When the statement is made "You may find him anywhere", it definitely applies to Jerry Arhelger.  In over 27 years working professionally within the Music-Media Industry as an entertainer, songwriter, producer, seminar teacher and radio & television host, Jerry has appeared in almost every conceivable arena.

In over 25 years as a Christian, the opportunities Jerry has had to share his Christian Witness and Biblical Knowledge as an; evangelist, teacher, pastor, missionary and gospel singer has been equally as numerous & varied.

As one pastor said, "The Lord has given Jerry Arhelger a life of great experiences."

The following information is just a few of Jerry's past opportunities to serve, for which Jerry gives all the Glory & Honor to the Lord Jesus..


Jerry Arhelger has ministered through invitation since 1970 in crusades, seminars, retreats, camp-meetings, associational meetings, youth meetings, city-wide crusades, or concerts within the following denominations, Christian movements, or Biblical & Educational Institutions.


Southern Baptist   United Methodist   Church of God
Assembly of God   Catholic    Four Square
Independent Methodist   Open Door    Lutheran
Methodist Protestant   Apostolic Faith    Presbyterian
Life Fellowship    Evangelical Christian   Amish
Word of Faith    Disciples of Christ   Episcopal
Abundant Life    Anglican (England)   Mennonite
Christian Brethren   American Baptist   Vineyard
Elim (England)    Christian Church   Wesleyan
Missionary Baptist   Reformed Brethren   Freewill Baptist
Church of Scotland   Independent Baptist   Nazarene
Church of Christ   Evangelical Covenant   Potters House
Pentacostal Holiness   Liberty     Kingdom Faith

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